Salt Water Fish Pet

Lunare Wrasse

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Fish Tank Maintenance Tips: Try to change some of the water in the tank on a regular basis. Small frequent (weekly or every two weeks) water changes are better than infrequent large water changes. Small water changes will cause less stress and shouldn’t interfere with the biological cycle in the tank. If you have a larger tank, get a Python Vacuum or a Lee’s Premier Ultimate Gravel Vac. These vacuums make doing water changes a breeze. Gravel vac only half of the tank with each water change. Switch sides on the next water change.
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Lunare Wrasse

Quick StatisticsTemperament: Aggressive
Reef Safe: No
Family: Labridae
Native To: Indo-Pacific, Red Sea, East Africa, Japan, Fiji, Maldives, Northern New Zealand
Diet: Carnivore
Adult Size: Up to 10″
Temperature: 72-78°F
Water Parameters: sg 1.020-1.025; pH 8.1-8.3; dKH 8-12
Care Level: Moderate
Tank Size: 75+ Gallons
Scientific Name: Thalassoma lunare
Environment: Marine

Coloration increases in vibrancy with age
Eats pests such as bristleworms
Not reef safe, as it will eat ornamental inverts such as Fire Shrimp

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