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Klein’s Butterfly

New Fish Tank Tips: Get an aquarium filter that has multiple (2) media cartridges. This will allow you to change out one at a time. If you swap out all of the filter media with new media you run the risk of having to go through a mini aquarium cycle. Good power filters that hang on the back of the tank usually come with a separate floss system that you never have to change.
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Klein’s Butterfly

Quick StatisticsTemperament: Community
Reef Safe: With Caution
Family: Chaetodontidae
Native To: Melanesia, Hawaii
Diet: Carnivore
Adult Size: Up to 6″
Temperature: 72-78° F
Water Parameters: sg 1.020-1.025, pH 8.1-8.4
Care Level: Easy
Tank Size: 50+ gallons
Scientific Name: Chaetodon kleini
Environment: Marine

One of the best choices for a first Butterflyfish
May be aggressive towards other Butterflyfish
Can be in certain reef tanks, but will eat soft corals

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