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Black & White Heniochus

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Breeding Fish Tips: When breeding tropical freshwater fish, always make note of temperature, ph, water quality, food intake and unusual behavior. That way you can breed fish again easily by recreating these conditons or by observing unusual behavior between pairs. You set yourself up for the possibilities of new arrivals.
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Black & White Heniochus

Quick StatisticsTemperament: Community
Reef Safe: With Caution
Family: Chaetodontidae
Native To: Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti, South East Asia
Diet: Omnivore
Adult Size: Up to 10″
Temperature: 72-78°F
Water Parameters: sg 1.020-1.025; pH 8.1-8.3; dKH 8-12
Care Level: Easy
Tank Size: 55+ Gallons
Scientific Name: Heniochus acuminatus
Environment: Marine

Elegant butterfly with an elongated dorsal fin
Multiple fish will create a heirarchy within the tank
May nip at corals

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