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Upside-down Catfish

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Stocking Fish Tips: Slowly acclimate fish to your current setup or preferrably a quarantine tank. When bringing home new fish, dump the bag contents (fish and water) into a clean (used only for fish) 5-gallon bucket and then add about 1 cup of aquarium water to the 5 gallon bucket every 10 minutes. Continue to add 1 cup of aquarium water to the 5-gallon bucket every 10 minutes. After an hour or so your fish should be ready to add to the aquarium.
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Upside-down Catfish

Quick StatisticsTemperament: Community
Family: Mochokidae
Native To: Central Africa
Diet: Omnivore
Adult Size: Up to 4″
Care Level: Easy
Tank Size: 30+ gallons
Scientific Name: Synodontis nigriventris
Environment: Freshwater

This nocturnal species is energetic, hardy, peaceful, and most of all, they spend most of their time upside-down. These fish require a cave or pieces of driftwood to hide under during the daytime. These catfish enjoy being in a group of at least three in the same aquarium. Unlike other catfish that spend their time swimming at the bottom, these catfish have adapted to eat food from the surface, as well as picking off falling food. As with other scale-less species, these cats are extremely sensitive to medications especially those containing Copper Sulfate or Malachite Green.

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