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Pigeon Blood Discus

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Pigeon Blood Discus

Quick StatisticsTemperament: Community
Family: Cichlidae
Native To: Amazon River Basin
Diet: Carnivore
Adult Size: Up to 12″
Temperature: 80° – 84°F
Care Level: Difficult
Tank Size: 30+ gallons
Scientific Name: Symphysodon spp
Environment: Freshwater

The body of the Discus is round and laterally compressed, an unusual characteristic of the Cichlidae family which makes it suitable for gliding through tall aquarium grasses. Discus are vibrantly colored with vertical or horizontal stripes. The Pigeon Blood Discus is a vivid orange with black marbling; the fins are brown with a hint of turquoise. Provide plenty of substrate, rocks and hiding spots, especially plants. Discus require soft water so a water conditioner is highly recommended.

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