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Panda Cory

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Fish Disease Tips: Only medicate your main tank as a last resort. Use the quarantine tank setup for medicating sick fish and for monitoring new arrivals.
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Panda Cory

Quick StatisticsTemperament: Community
Family: Callichthyidae
Native To: Amazon River
Diet: Omnivore
Adult Size: Up to 2″
Temperature: 72-79°F
Water Parameters: pH 5.8-7.0; KH 2-12
Care Level: Easy
Tank Size: 10+ Gallons
Scientific Name: Corydoras panda
Environment: Freshwater

The schooling Panda Cory comes from the Amazon River. A peaceful scavenger, the Panda Cory is mainly gray with a “mask” of black, as well as some black coloration at the base of its tail, and dorsal fin. Smooth substrate is a necessity due to the Cory’s “whiskers,” which are also known as barbels. As it is somewhat sensitive to light, please provide the Panda Cory with plenty of plants, caves, and any other hiding places possible. Does best in groups of six or more.

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