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Violet line piranha

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Contents of this page belong to Violet line piranhas or Gery’s piranhas (Serrasalmus geryi) are a species of fish found in the lower Tocantins and Araguaia Rivers of Brazil. This rare Serrasalmus is the one piranha of the genus Serrasalmus than can coexist with others of the same species (though caution is advised). Gery’s Piranha reaches sizes up to 12 inches in length.

Body shape is similar to other compressus group members and are very laterally compressed such as; S. altuvei, S. hastatus, S. compressus and S. altispinis. The fish is distinctive at all ages with its broad stripe running from lower mouth to top of beginning of dorsal fin.

Color: Silvery bodied fish with numerous small spots on the flanks. Anal fin is hyaline with a broad black margin. Pectoral and ventral fins are clear. A humeral spot may be present. Eyes silvery to reddish-orange.

A quick visual reference to identify this fish:

Maximum Size: Approx. 25 cm. (10″) TL. Specimens over 20 cm. (8″) TL are quite rare in captivity.

Sexing: Not sexually dimorphic: males and females look similar.

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