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Thayeria boehlkei

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Thayeria boehlkei is a species of characin fish endemic to the Amazon river basin and Araguaia river, in Peru and Brazil respectively.[1] The species is popular with aquarium hobbyists where it is traded under a variety of common names including blackline penguinfish, blackline Thayeria, hockey-stick tetra, penguin fish and penguin tetra.[1][2][3]

The species was previously misidentified as Thayeria sanctaemariae[4] and Thayeria obliqua. T. obliqua is a superficially similar, but different species of Thayeria, while T. sanctaemariae, is a synonym of T. obliqua.[1]

The species feeds on worms, small insects and crustaceans.[1]

In captivity, this normally schooling species, forms pairs that scatters their many adhesive eggs amongst plants. Clutch size is very large and may be up to 1000 eggs, the embryos of which are black in colour[4][5] The eggs hatch in ca. 20 hours and are free-swimming after 4 days.[3]

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