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Tete sea catfish

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New Fish Tank Tips: Don’t place your tank next to a window. Sunlight entering your aquarium will cause major headaches in the form of green algae. Direct sunlight will also cause your tank water temperature to increase.

Contents of this page belong to The Tete sea catfish, Sciades seemanni, is a species of catfish in the family Ariidae, native to Pacific-draining rivers and estuaries in Central and South America.[1]

Tete sea catfishes are occasionally available in the pet trade under a variety of names, including Colombian (or Columbian) shark, silver tipped shark, white tip shark catfish, black fin shark, Christian catfish, Jordan’s catfish, and West American cat shark. However, they are not appropriate for most aquarists because they must be acclimated from freshwater to saltwater as they mature. It requires a very large tank due to its size and active swimming habits.[2]

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