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Syncrossus berdmorei

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Syncrossus berdmorei, (formerly Botia berdmorei), is a freshwater loach from Thailand. “This species lives in fast mountain streams and large rivers, over soft substrates and often near submerged boulders and fallen trees.” [1] Unlike most loaches Syncrossus berdmorei is very aggressive, especially when food is added to the aquarium. The preferred water parameters for this fish is a neutral pH (7) and for the temperature to be in the 70sF. Syncrossus berdmorei grows up to ten inches (25 cm) and can be kept in private aquariums.

In an aquarium only one Syncrossus berdmorei should be kept per tank and feed live or frozen foods, unless there is ample room for five or more specimens. As with other aggressive fish, having a larger group and breaks in sight lines across the tank can disperse aggression throughout the group, but this does not guarantee peaceful interactions. Also be sure to have hiding places like caves, which will make Syncrossus berdmorei feel more secure.

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