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Red line torpedo barb

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The red line torpedo barb, roseline shark, or Denison barb (Puntius denisonii) is a subtropical fish belonging to the barb genus in the minnow family. It originates in fast-flowing hill streams and rivers of the state of Kerala, in South India.

The fish is characterized by a torpedo shaped body with silver scales, a red line running from their nose, through the eye, back towards the middle of the body, and below the red line, a black line that runs the length of the fish to the tail. As they mature, a distinctive green/blue marking on top of the head develops. The fish will grow to a maximum length of 6 inches (15 [|centimeters]]) Its eyes are included in the three lines of White, red and black.

Red line torpedo barbs natively live in a subtropical climate in water with a 6.8–7.8 pH, a water hardness of 5–25 dGH, and a temperature range of 65–79 °F (18–26 °C). As reported by Practical Fishkeeping in January 2009, new research by teams of scientists from India had suggested that the species was being over-exploited for the aquarium trade, potentially placing it at risk of extinction. The government of Kerala in India has banned fishing for the endangered barb Puntius denisonii.