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Platystacus cotylephorus

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Fish Disease Tips: Only medicate your main tank as a last resort. Use the quarantine tank setup for medicating sick fish and for monitoring new arrivals.

Contents of this page belong to Platystacus cotylephorus the only species of catfish (order Siluriformes) in the genus Platystacus of the family Aspredinidae.[1] The genus Platystacus is the sister group to a clade containing Aspredo and Aspredinichthys.[2] P. cotylephorus originates from coastal waters and lower portions of rivers of northern South America, from Venezuela to northern Brazil.[1]

P. cotylephorus occurs mainly in brackish water and is found on soft bottoms of shallow turbid water near river mouths. It is reported to migrate from estuaries into freshwater, but actual spawning apparently takes place in brackish water.[3] The species has a peculiar mode of egg incubation wherein the female catfish carries the eggs firmly attached to the underside of the body. This seems to be an adaptation to facilitate the oxygenation of the eggs in muddy environments. Reproduction probably occurs during the earlier part of the year.[3]

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