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Pelvicachromis taeniatus

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New Fish Tank Tips: Get an aquarium filter that has multiple (2) media cartridges. This will allow you to change out one at a time. If you swap out all of the filter media with new media you run the risk of having to go through a mini aquarium cycle. Good power filters that hang on the back of the tank usually come with a separate floss system that you never have to change.
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Pelvicachromis taeniatus is a dwarf cichlid from West Africa that is occasionally kept as an aquarium fish. It hails from the soft-water rivers of West Africa as opposed to the East African rift lake cichlids such as the Mbuna. It is known to exist in a variety of geographically restricted varieties distinguished by differences in coloration. These are often given names such as “Nigerian red” or “Moliwe” that refer to the places where each variety is collected.

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