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Nimbochromis livingstonii

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New Fish Tank Tips: Never rinse out your filter media with straight tap water. Use some of the tank water that you’ve just siphoned out while doing a water change. The chlorine and chloramine in the tap water will kill the nitrifying bacteria in the filter.

Contents of this page belong to Nimbochromis livingstonii, or Livingston’s cichlid, is a freshwater mouthbrooding cichlid fish of the genus Nimbochromis, native to Lake Malawi, an African Rift Lake. It is also found in the upper Shire River and Lake Malombe. They are found in inshore areas of the lake over sandy substrates.

A laterally compressed fish with a large mouth. Maximum reported length of male fish in the wild is 25 cm (10 in); females are smaller. Colouration variable but typically mottled brown and white. The dorsal fin may also show blue coloration while maintaining an orange to red band and sometimes a white line. Adult males frequently “color up” in response to changing conditions and rapidly change from spotted camouflage to brilliant blues and greens and may even exhibit a pale golden tone. The anal fin is usually orange to red. Females are similar, but usually lack the yellow “egg spot” markings on the anal fin. Juveniles display a brown and white spotted pattern.

The distinctive colouration of this species is said to mimic that of a dead fish, and may be part of a hunting strategy.

Wild fish feed primarily on small fish, in particular Lethrinops spp. Aquarium specimens have been observed to lie on the substrate as if dead, waiting for small fish to come close in search of a meal. When a suitable target comes into range, the fish quickly lunges at the prey and usually swallows it whole.

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