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Lesser spiny eel

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Fish Disease Tips: Remove any carbon in your fish tank filters before using medications because the carbon will remove medication that you add to your water.

Contents of this page belong to The lesser spiny eel, Macrognathus aculeatus, is a tropical fish belonging to the Mastacembelidae family. They are uncommonly found in aquaria.

The eel has an upper-body that is yellow, a black line down the middle and the lower-body is usually a mix of white and brown. Along the backbone of the eel, the dorsal fin is preceded by numerous isolated small spines that can be raised, giving them the name. The dorsal fin also has many prominent eyespots along the base. There are many different variations of the Spiny Eel. They can grow up to be 14 inches long (35 centimeters), but are usually smaller.

They fish are found in Southeast Asia from locations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo, and Indonesia. They occur in medium to large-sized rivers. They are found in lowland wetlands and peats.[1]

They’re crepuscular and nocturnal burrowers. They may prey on small fish.

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