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Leopard bush fish

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Fish Tank Maintenance Tips: Avoid wide fluctuations in your water parameters such as temperature and pH. Try to refill your aquarium with water that is as close to the current tank water as possible.

Contents of this page belong to The Leopard bush fish (Ctenopoma acutirostre ), also known as Leopard bushfish, Spotted ctenopoma, Leopard ctenopoma, Spotted climbing perch, Spotted leaf fish, African leaf fish, Spotted cichlid or Spotted bushfish, is a freshwater fish. It is part of the unique Anabantidae family, that is freshwater fish that originate from South East Asia and Africa and is therefore related to the Siamese fighting fish (Betta Splendens). It is relatively common in the aquarium industry and is often sold as a beginners’ “oddball” fish.

The Leopard Bush Fish is endemic to the Congo river basin in Africa and has adapted to suit many different biotopes within this system from fast flowing streams to stagnant ponds.

The Leopard Bush Fish is slow growing and may take several years to reach an adult size which in the wild can easily reach 8″ or 20cm however in captivity a fish of 6″ or 15cm is considered large.

In the Aquarium the Leopard bush fish is often seen as a hardy oddball that fits into most community tanks. The Leopard bush fish in the wild is a predator so it will take small fish up to the general size of an adult female guppy anything larger than this will for the most part be ignored. This being said it is not generally a good idea to mix this fish with large aggressive cichlids as they may injure the Leopard bush fish or out compete it for food. Good tank mates for the Leopard bush fish include all gourami species, Bala shark, silver dollar, Corydoras, Plecostomus species, Ancistrus catfish, and anything that won’t fit into its mouth.

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