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Lamprologus ocellatus

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Lamprologus ocellatus is a type of shell dweller from Lake Tanganyika. It is a popular aquarium fish due to its small size, appearance, and intelligence. Lamprologus ocellatus are members of the cichlid family.

Male Lamprologus ocellatus are larger, and have a yellow edge on the dorsal fin.[1]

Lamprologus ocellatus are identified as African Cichlids in the aquarium trade. They are not a beginner’s species. Instead, they appear in the tanks of more advanced hobbyists who specialize in fish hailing from Lake Tanganyika.

Lamprologus ocellatus can be maintained in aquariums as small as 5 gallons (19 l), although this would severely limit the number of specimens. One empty aquatic snail shell should be provided for each individual, along with a thin layer of silica sand. [2] Sand is not required for these fish to survive in captivity, but it allows them to display natural behavior. Lamprologus ocellatus use propeller-like motions of the tail to bury the shells that they reside in. This cannot be accomplished with heavier and larger-grain gravel.[3]

These fish are not considered to be an aggressive species in captivity. However, they will defend the shells that comprise their physical territory. They have even been known to attack the hands of aquarists.[3]

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