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Khanka spiny bitterling

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New Fish Tank Tips: Get the biggest tank you can afford. A larger aquarium generally means that your aquarium water parameters will be more stable. A bigger tank gives you some room for error, like when a fish dies and you don’t notice it right away. Or, for instance, when your heater breaks and the stores are closed. The water temperature should be more stable in a bigger tank.

Contents of this page belong to The Khanka spiny bitterling (Acanthorhodeus gracilis) is a temperate freshwater fish belonging to the Acheilognathinae sub-family of the Cyprinidae family. It originates in the inland rivers in Asia, and is found in China, Korea, and Russia. It was originally described as Devario chankaensis by Benedykt Dybowski in 1872, and is also referred to as Acheilognathus chankaensis.

When spawning, the female deposits the eggs inside bivalves. The young hatch and remain within the bivalve until they can swim.

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