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Hypsophrys nicaraguensis

Stocking Fish Tips: Slowly acclimate fish to your current setup or preferrably a quarantine tank. When bringing home new fish, dump the bag contents (fish and water) into a clean (used only for fish) 5-gallon bucket and then add about 1 cup of aquarium water to the 5 gallon bucket every 10 minutes. Continue to add 1 cup of aquarium water to the 5-gallon bucket every 10 minutes. After an hour or so your fish should be ready to add to the aquarium.

Contents of this page belong to Hypsophrys nicaraguensis is a species of fish endemic to the Atlantic slope of Central America, from Nicaragua to Costa Rica.[1] The species is a popular aquarium fish and is traded under a variety of common names that include Nickie, Moga, Parrot cichlid, Macaw Cichlid, Butterfly Cichlid and Nicaraguense.[1]