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Hoplarchus psittacus

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New Fish Tank Tips: Never rinse out your filter media with straight tap water. Use some of the tank water that you’ve just siphoned out while doing a water change. The chlorine and chloramine in the tap water will kill the nitrifying bacteria in the filter.

Contents of this page belong to Hoplarchus psittacus is a species of cichlid fish endemic to the blackwater rivers in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, South America including the Rio Negro, Jamari, Preto da Eva, Urubu rivers and upper Orinoco drainages.[1][2] The species is occasionally kept as an aquarium fish and is traded under the common name of Parrot cichlid.[1][3] The species is the only representative of the monotypic genus Hoplarchus, and is part of family Cichlidae in subfamily Cichlasomatinae.[1]


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