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Hemibagrus wyckioides

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Contents of this page belong to Hemibagrus wyckioides is a species of catfish (order Siluriformes) of the family Bagridae. It is occasionally called the Asian redtail catfish.

These catfish originate from the Mekong basin and are reported from Chao Phraya, Mae Klong and peninsular Thailand river systems.[1]

H. wyckioides reaches a length of 130 centimetres (50 in) TL.[1] This species is the largest Bagrid catfish in Asia and may reach 80 kilograms.[2] The caudal fin is white when the fish is small, but it becomes bright red when it reaches about 15 cm (6 in).[1]

H. wyckii bears a resemblance to H. wyckioides, however H. wyckioides lacks serrations on the dorsal fin spine, has a shorter dorsal fin base, and shorter maxillary barbels.[2]

H. wyckioides occurs in large upland rivers and is common in areas with rocky bottoms and irregular depths.[1][2] These fish do not migrate, but they reproduce locally and enter the flooded forest during high water in July–October.[2] H. wyckiodies feed on insects, prawns, fish and crabs.[2]

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