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Greenstripe barb

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New Fish Tank Tips: Research the fish you would like to keep and then aquascape your tank for the fish that will be living in it. You want to be able to meet the requirements of the fish you are keeping and modifying the aquascape afterwards is sometimes not an option.

Contents of this page belong to The Greenstripe Barb or Striped Barb (Puntius vittatus) is a tropical freshwater and brackish fish belonging to the Cyprininae sub-family of the Cyprinidae family. It originates in inland waters in Asia, and is found in Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. Sometimes it is called Silver Barb, but that properly refers to Barbus choloensis.

The fish will grow in length up to 2 inches (5 centimeters).

It natively inhabits ponds, streams and lakes in plains. It is often found in rice fields and is known to enter brackish water. They live in a tropical climate in water with a 6.0 – 6.5 pH, a water hardness of 8 – 15 dGH, and a temperature range of 68 – 75 °F (20 – 24 °C). It feeds mainly on filamentous algae and blue-green algae.

The greenstripe barb is of commercial importance in the aquarium trade and is also commonly used as bait.

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