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Glass catfish

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New Fish Tank Tips: Get the biggest tank you can afford. A larger aquarium generally means that your aquarium water parameters will be more stable. A bigger tank gives you some room for error, like when a fish dies and you don’t notice it right away. Or, for instance, when your heater breaks and the stores are closed. The water temperature should be more stable in a bigger tank.
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The glass catfish or ghost fish, Kryptopterus bicirrhis, is a transparent freshwater aquarium fish. Body lengths can range up to 15 cm (6 in) in nature, but are usually less in aquarium specimens and can grow to be 10-13 cm (4-5 inches).

Glass catfish commonly favor dark places to being out in the open light. A small school of glass catfish may hide under elevated rocks, logs, or the shadow of plants. Sometimes, however a glass catfish or two may venture out into the tank and swim in the upper level of the water. This is normal.

Glass Catfish is a key ingredient in the salty fish sauce popular in Asian cuisine.

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