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Farlowella acus

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New Fish Tank Tips: Research, research and research some more. It’s a really good idea to get as much information as possible on a fish before buying it.

Contents of this page belong to Farlowella acus is the type species of a genus of loricariid catfish commonly known as twig catfish. The species name means “pointed” or a “needle” or “spine”.[1]

F. acus are found in Lake Valencia and the Torito river basins.[2]

F. acus reach 16 centimetres (6 in) SL. Coloration ranges from olive-green to yellow-brown with yellowish undersides. A very distinct irregular dark band, often beset with blotches, extends from the head to the root of the tail. The fins are transparent and the rays have dark spots. Each caudal lobe is normally with a dark band. The male’s snout or rostrum is broader than the female’s. When mature, the male’s rostrum becomes adorned with small bristles known as odontodes. The female’s thinner snouts will remain smooth at all times.[1]

These fish feed on plants and roots.[2] Twig catfishes spawn from between November and March.[1]

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