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Etroplus suratensis

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Breeding Fish Tips: Make sure that you have the necessary equipment before you start breeding fish. If you don’t have the space to keep the fry and don’t have anyone you can give them to, please don’t keep males and females in the same tank. This is especially applicable to those keeping livebearer fish like Mollies, Platies, the Guppy and the Swordtail.

Contents of this page belong to Etroplus suratensis is the scientific name for a freshwater fish also known as the pearl spot, green chromide or Karimeen( ????????? ) (in Malayalam). Etroplus suratensis is a perch of the Cichlidae family [1], found in southern India. Pearl spot inhabits fresh and brackish water habitats, found mainly in Kerala Backwaters, western flowing rivers in Karnataka, and backwaters of Andhra Pradesh.

Etroplus is a euryhalaine fish.

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