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Dwarf gourami

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The dwarf gourami, Colisa lalia, has an almost translucent blue color, with vertical red to dark orange stripes. In its native range, it is dried for food and kept as an aquarium fish. It has become highly popular for aquaria.

The dwarf gourami originally came from the Indian subcontinent; it originates from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. However, it has also been widely distributed outside of its native range.[2] This fish inhabits slow-moving streams, rivulets, and lakes with plenty of vegetation. 12

As its name implies, this is a small gourami: at maturity, it will reach an average size of 4 to 5 centimeters, though some individuals can grow as large as 8.8 centimeters.[2] Male dwarf gourami in the wild have diagonal stripes of alternating blue and red colors; females are a silvery color. They carry touch-sensitive cells on their thread-like pelvic fins.[3]

The male builds a floating bubble nest in which the eggs are laid. Unlike other bubble nest builders, males will incorporate bits of plants, twigs, and other debris, which holds the nest together better.[4]

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