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Cichlasoma bimaculatum

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New Fish Tank Tips: Don’t place your tank next to a window. Sunlight entering your aquarium will cause major headaches in the form of green algae. Direct sunlight will also cause your tank water temperature to increase.
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Cichlasoma bimaculatum is an omnivorous, freshwater, tropical fish commonly referred to as the Black Acara or two-spot cichlid. It was also identified as Aequidens portalegrensis in 1965 and 1970.[1] It is most frequently classified in the Cichlidae (Cichlid) family and subfamily of Cichlasomatinae. It is found in freshwater canals and swamps, with a natural region spanning from the Amazon River to northeastern and northern South America. Since the 1960’s it has been identified in the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem in several counties of Florida as far north as Jacksonville.

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