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Botia striata

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New Fish Tank Tips: Get the biggest tank you can afford. A larger aquarium generally means that your aquarium water parameters will be more stable. A bigger tank gives you some room for error, like when a fish dies and you don’t notice it right away. Or, for instance, when your heater breaks and the stores are closed. The water temperature should be more stable in a bigger tank.
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The zebra loach, Botia striata, is a small freshwater fish native to Southern India. The maximum size is about 3 in (7.8 cm). It lives in tropical climate with temperature range of 23 – 26 °C, and prefers water with 6.0 to 8.0 pH, 5.0 to 12 dGH.

This species is shy, and will spend much of its time hiding away. Also rarely, during times of stress it has been seen to attack smaller fish such as tetras.

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