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Botia dario

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Breeding Fish Tips: Make sure that you have the necessary equipment before you start breeding fish. If you don’t have the space to keep the fry and don’t have anyone you can give them to, please don’t keep males and females in the same tank. This is especially applicable to those keeping livebearer fish like Mollies, Platies, the Guppy and the Swordtail.
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The Bengal Loach, or Queen Loach (Botia dario) is a species of loach fish found in the hill streams of Bangladesh.

B. dario can be found in the creeks and streams of the northern and eastern regions of the country (bordering India and Myanmar, respectively), and is also known in India. The fish most likely populates the streams that supply the Bengal section of the Ganges river. B. dario is also reported in Bhutan, but only in the Gaylegphug river, which eventually drains into the far north of Bangladesh.

Botia Dario are good fish to have in tropical aquariums, quickly taking care of pest snail populations and less shy than Botia striata. They get as long as 6″ and should be kept in groups of 4 or more. They are omnivores, and thus should be fed sinking pellets as well as algae wafers. They also enjoy fresh vegetables, such as cucumber, zucchini, and frozen foods like bloodworms and brine shrimp. Also, make sure to provide plenty of caves for hiding in.

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